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"I charleston" - Antwerpen


Lindy Hop

About us

   Lindy Hop (Old school)

 Paul   P & N  Nicole  

As experienced dancers in different styles, specifically in old swingstyles, we know what happiness dancing can give to our daily existence.  Therefore we try to communicate our knowledge with those people who are enthousiastic and interested in swinging on the tunes of the '30 - '40 - '50 years.  On demand and on occasional base we are prepared to come to your location to arrange courses, initiations or presentations.  Sometimes we organise courses ourselves.

The music all around

~ As time went by ~

When we were both 16 to 17 years old, yes, I remember it well, there was a voice in our hearts that said: 'get dancing'.  So we did.  Nicole went to het local dancing school in Antwerp (Borgerhout) and, what other way could there have been, I went to that same school.  Each in a separate way, we learned the disciplines in Ballroom- and Latin dancing and specialised ourselves in competitions with different partners.  At a certain moment, our eyes crossed, and you know how things roll:  we got married, in a dancing way.

At this moment, we're together for so many years (it's still possible, you know) and have built up a fine family.  In the period that we've raised a bunch of kids, dancing activities were set into low profile.  Now, during the last 20 years, we're back in business on a much heavier level than before.  First back to Ballroom and Latin, in the meantime alternatively Tango Argentino, Salsa, Salsa-Rueda and then putting all our power in Lindy-Hop, Balboa, Boogie-Woogie.  

Doing the Lindy-Hop is for me the same as walking in heaven.  It's a passion, an unbreakable chain in our lives and, not less important, it keeps one in a very good shape.

We can only recommend it to everyone and most of all ...

'life's beautiful that way.'